How to Print From Your IPhone With AirPrint

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I hope you will agree with me when I say, we've becoming less and less relying on computers to process documents or images, but using our cellphones to accomplish such tasks more and more. In this Instructable, I will show you how to print from your iPhone using Airprint. For more detailed info about this topic, you may visit here.

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Step 1: Step1: Find the Document or Image

Locate the document or image that you want to print on your iphone or iPad.

Step 2: Step2: Click the Share Button

Click the share button on the upper right corner of the document or image page.

Step 3: Step3: Select Your Printer

Select your printer, and then choose the number of copies you want. If it's a image with colors, you can also to choose to print with colors.

Step 4: Step4: Print

Find a Print button on the upper right corner, and click to print.

Step 5: Step5: Get Your Printed Document

Within seconds, you should be able to see your printer start to work and your printer paper comes out.

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