How to Produce Music

Introduction: How to Produce Music


  1. computer
  2. music software (vst's)
  3. headphones or speakers
  4. keyboard (optionial)

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Step 1: Check All the Equipment

Make sure speakers or headphones are plugged in and working. Start up the computer and start up the software. Making sure you got vst or instruments loaded on the software.

Step 2: Set the Tempo to the Song

Set the bpm to song depending on what type of song you want to make also check the time signature. BPM's can range anywhere between 60-160.

Step 3: Browse for a Drum Kit

Look for a drum kit or even one your self. Common hip hop drum kits usually are from 808 or vinyl drum kit. you start of with the drums because they set the tempo.

Step 4: Make Drum Patterns

make at least two solid drum patterns. You want every pattern to stand out from the next.

Step 5: Browse for Some Leads

In order to balance out the low end that the drum have you need to have some high pitched sounding instruments. I often use piano, orchestra instruments, flutes, horns and waveform. try a couple of sounds to see what sounds good with the drums.

Step 6: Set a Lead Patterns

once you find what sound good would what to set patterns for it. These patterns are different because you can play more note then what you could with the drums. these pattern are the lead parts in the song often most recognizable sounds in a song.

Step 7: Create a Baseline

either using sub bass or bass guitar create a base line to fill out the low end.

Step 8: Sequencing Patterns

put all the patterns together in a order of how you would like it

Step 9: Mix and Master the Song

Listen to the song and see if any sound needs to be altered. This is the time to add any effects on if didnt have any already.

Step 10: Label, Save, and Export

Title the song and save it. In order to make an mp3 you have to export the file from the software.

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