How to Program Attiny2313 and DIY Development Board

Introduction: How to Program Attiny2313 and DIY Development Board

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to make DIY development board of attiny2313 on perfboard. And how to upload program on it.

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Step 1: How to Program Attiny2313

First of all, Attiny2313 is a 8-bit low range microcontroller from Atmel. It's a 20-pin IC (DIP, through hole package).

It have internal rc oscillator that supports frequency 1 MHz, 2 MHz, 4 MHz and 8 MHz

List of components:

  1. Attiny 2313 with ic base
  2. Perfboard
  3. Male header
  4. Female-female jumper wire
  5. USBasp programmer
  6. AVRdudes
  7. AVRStudio (any version, I am using version 4)
  8. USB cable type-B

First of all, make development board for attiny2313 as given in the figure.

Step 2: Connections

Make connections as follows:

USBasp Attiny2313

GND ========> GND (Pin no. 10)

VCC ========> VCC (Pin no. 20)

RST ========> RST (Pin no. 1)

MISO ========> MISO (Pin no. 15)

MOSI ========> MOSI (Pin no. 14)

SCK ========> SCK (Pin no. 16)

Once the connection is done, connect USBasp programmer to laptop/ PC. Open avrdudes, and follow the steps and given in the picture.

Open avrstudio, and copy the code in the editor. Compile the hex file and upload it using avrdudes.


Step 3: Final Connection

Add led array to the attiny 2313 development board. Cathode of all the led's are common and is connected to the ground of the development board.

A series resistor of 220 ohms is connected for limiting the current.

Leds are connected to portb.

Hope you had enjoyed the tutorial !!

Thanks for visiting this tutorial

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