How to Program an Arduino From a Raspberry Pi



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With this tutorial I'll show you how to install Arduino software on your Raspberry Pi.

P.S. Sorry for my bad english!!!.


Step 1: Download the Arduino Software

Download the software from Arduino official website ( and , as show in the image, download the Linux ARM version.

Step 2: Extract the Arduino Software

Once you have downloaded the software, go to the download folder (/home/pi/Downloads) and double-click on the newly downloaded file, Xarchiver will open (look at the image) click on the "Extract files" icon and select Desktop (I suggest you DO NOT extract the content in the main folder, i. e. /home/pi) and then click on Extract.

Step 3: Execute Arduino Software

Once you have extracted all the contents on the Desktop, open the folder and click on the "arduino" file and click on "Execute". Now connect the arduino to raspberry pi and select the port. Once the port has been selected, test whether it works by opening and loading the example program "blink".

Now you can program your Arduino from a Raspberry pi



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