How to Properly Hit a Golf Ball




Introduction: How to Properly Hit a Golf Ball

When you think of golf who do you think of? Tiger woods. Tiger Woods is the most influential person in the world of golf. I picked up golf because of Tiger. The first time I swung a golf club I tried to swing it just how I saw Tiger do it. His speed when he swung was very reminiscent of how someone would swing a baseball bat. That’s the day I realized golf was different from baseball. I tried to bring my baseball background to the golf course and I was wrong. A fast swing is not the key in golf. Beginners believe that a fast swing produces distance. That is not true; a fast swing is not the key to a good golf game. Let me show you the key to a good swing and hopefully lower scores.

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Step 1: The Grip

This is not baseball. Do not hold the golf club like a baseball bat. Wrap your four fingers around the shaft of the club. Pin your thumb on the shaft serving as a model for your other hand.

Step 2: Interlock

Interlock the index finger of your left hand between your pinky and right ring finger.

Step 3: Overlapping Hands

After interlocking your hands line your right hand up on the shaft with your left creating a straight line.

Step 4: Stance

Your legs should be shoulder with apart. The ball should fall either in the front of your stance or a little bit closer to your front leg. Never put the ball in the back of your stance. You’ll be able to maximize the distance of your shot by doing this.

Step 5: Arm Placement

Drop your arms and let them hang. Your left arm should not straighten up until you begin your swing. We are still working on the approach. You can’t just go and hit the ball you will not be successful. Also, remember to step away from the ball and take a practice swing. You need to practice getting the motion down for the shot you are about to take. Your swings vary on the distance of the shot. The way you hit a golf ball will be different by the yardage. You’ll put less power on a shot of 100 yards than one of 150 yards.

Step 6: Club Placement

Place the fat part of the club behind the golf ball. This part of the club is also known as the sweet spot. Hitting the ball in this spot gives you the best chance for success.

Step 7: Start of Your Swing

Leading back with your shoulders while keeping your left arm straight. Do not turn the club face.

Step 8: Top of Swing

When you’re at the top of your swing remember to keep your eyes on the ball. Keep the club head high and not close to your shoulders. Your left elbow should bend slightly as well. The left knee should twist to the right on your way to the top of your swing. Also as your eyes stay focused on the ball your chin should be tucked under your left shoulder.

Step 9: Follow Through

Balance is the key. Stand tall after you hit the ball. The club should be behind your neck. Your right foot should be pointed into the ground to help your balance. Take a few seconds to admire your shot.

Step 10: Get Some Grass

You never want to top the ball. The way you avoid this is by taking divots. On the downswing before you hit the ball slice the club through the grass. Small divots are your friends.

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