How to Properly Make a Putt in Golf.




Introduction: How to Properly Make a Putt in Golf.

Golfing is one hard game to play. Putting is probably the most frustrating part of the game. That is why I am showing you how to properly putt a golf ball. 

Step 1: Locate Your Ball on the Green

You have to make sure you are hitting the right ball. Locate your ball on the green and make sure it is yours. 

Step 2: Read the Break of the Green

The green is going to slope and alter the path of the ball. You have to read the slope of the green so you know which way the ball will break so you can aim accordingly. This putt is fairly straight. 

Step 3: Line the Ball Up

When on the green, you can mark the ball by placing a marker behind the ball. This allows you to line up the ball to the path that you want it to go. The words in the ball are the line that I will follow on the ball. 

Step 4: Line the Putter Up With the Ball

Using the line on the ball, match up the line on the putter so you know the putt will be straight when you make a straight swing. 

Step 5: Line Your Feet Up

Your feet are important when you are putting. You want the line from you toes to run parallel with the line that you want to hit the ball in. This will make sure the putt is straight. 

Step 6: Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Make sure you head and eyes are always looking at the ball until you make contact with the ball. 

Step 7: Begin the Backswing

To start the back swing, swing the putter back according to the distance to the hole. A good rule of thumb is 1 inch of back swing per 2 feet from the hole. 

Step 8: Follow Through

When putting, you want to follow through the ball on a straight line. 

Step 9: Keep Head Down

After you make contact and you are making your follow through, keep you head still and do not follow the ball for 1 second after contact. 

Step 10: Look at Your Putt

Then, you can look at the ball and follow it to see if it will go in the hole. 

Step 11: Watch the Putt Go in the Cup

The last step is to watch your perfect putt go into the hole. 

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    It'd be great to see a discussion of body position and how it relates to a solid putt....nice 'ible!