How to Propose to Your Special Someone

About: I love corn bread and will do anything for a relationship that doesn't last only one date! ARGH!

So are you a little nervous about your proposal? WELL DON'T BE! With these 100% guaranteed and lab tested steps, you can never lose!

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Step 1: Buy the Ring

Now you have to get her a ring. Don't even bother with anything more than $40 because it's a total waste of your money. All the celebs know that thrift shopping is the big thing, right? So get her ring for only 20 bucks at a pawn shop or a thrift store. Tell your gf where you bought it and how much you spent. She'll be a little mad at first because of your cheapness but to smooth it over just tell her that she really isn't worth anymore than $20.

Step 2: Take Her Out

Take her to a place like mcdonalds or a gas station and don't even bother getting all dressed up because you shouldn't have to change for anyone. Don't get all  sappy with the speech before or anything and don't even eat first. ONCE YOU TAKE YOUR FIRST STEP INTO THAT GAS STATION ASK HER!!! Don't kneel just get right to it. Say, "Can ya marry mo?!" 

Step 3: Divorce

Divorce that loser's but within a week!!!!!



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