How to Propose to a Woman




This is a set of instructions that will provide guidelines, examples, and tips for your proposal. These will not tell you exactly how to propose, but they will help guide you to develop your own personalized and meaningful proposal.

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Step 1: Obtain Ring

In choosing a ring, you have two options:
1. Go shopping with your girlfriend to allow her to give her input.
2. Go shopping on your own.

-If your girlfriend is picky or you have no idea what she would want, her input will be crucial.
-If you think you have good taste, the element of surprise can add to the excitement of the proposal.
-Get the ring insured.

Step 2: Ask Father's Permission

Depending on the culture, her background, and her family, this can be a very important step.

-If possible, a face to face meeting will leave a good impression.
-Look nice.

Step 3: Determine Proposal Location

Choose a place where you will kneel down to propose.

-Choose someplace that is or can become sentimental for both of you.

-Nice Restaurant

Step 4: Compose and Rehearse Proposal Dialogue

Determine what you will say and practice it in front of the mirror.

-Have it come from the heart.
-Use props if it will enhance the moment.


Step 5: Arrange for Meeting at Predetermined Location

Make sure that you have everything planned out ahead of time to ensure that you are both in the right place at the right time. You have two options:
1. Pick her up and take her there.
2. Arrange for meeting at location.

-The element of surprise can be very effective.
-Use friends to help preserve the element of surprise.

-Have her friends take her on a planned activity where she ends up meeting you.
-Pick her up as if it were a normal date.
-Send her on a treasure hunt directed by notes and flowers that leads her to you.

Step 6: Execute Proposal

This is the moment when you kneel down and recite what you practiced earlier.

-Being on your knees is romantic, stay there for a while.

Step 7: Await Answer

This is where you wait for her to reply to your proposal.

-Be patient, it might take her a while to answer you.

Warning: Results may vary.



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    19 Discussions


    2 years ago

    ... what a about having a pro photographer to capture your proposal? Check out our tips and how to guide here:

    secret proposal in Vienna (1 of 1).jpg

    4 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, this is one of the great way to propose your love.. But here are 13 more romantic ways to propose your love..


    4 years ago on Introduction

    if you are a guy really interested in learning all the mistakes to avoid and making sure you include the little things that women love so much, check out my book 'how to propose without screwing it up' on amazon.

    you will be guaranteed a yes and she will be brimming with excitement to tell all her friends your super romantic and unique proposal story for the rest of your lives together


    4 years ago on Introduction

    You guys are simply amazing. I have been searching something on how I can propose the girl I like. Both you and this website ( given me some awesome resources!

    Thanks again guys for your amazing help.
    Cheers :)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    For me, best way to propose is to ask neighbors to put off their lights and have the windows lit up in the words I Love You. Take her to the balcony and open her eyes when everything is set. She will definitely love this.


    7 years ago on Step 3

    I would also like to add that you should think of the future at this step. I have many coworkers that the place their proposal happened was a restaurant that has since closed up and boarded up. I recommend a longstanding park or established location, a place you can share with your grand-kids someday. That won't be tore down or paved over in 20 years. Now there is no guarantee of this, just something to keep in mind when picking a location.


    7 years ago on Introduction in crease about her...we r best friends z last 2 years am in love but i don't know how i propose.... O God plc help me.......

    Whoa, I didn't go to anywhere near this much trouble, I rolled over in bed and said "Hey baby, wanna get married someday?". six years and counting.

    4 replies

    My boyfriend and I have often talked about marriage - We've been together for almost two years and just moved in together.
    We have said that we'll marry each other someday (and have promise rings), likely when we're done studying.

    So in a sense it's similar to what you did, but we feel that in order for it to 'count' he has to do the 'on one knee' thing. Besides, we're a bit young (21&20), so it's probably better to wait a bit longer. (But he gets on great with my dad, which is a great thing! :D)

    Great instructable - good advice to the guys. Personally for me, it doesn't matter what the situation is, but he needs to do it on one knee. Those little touches that seem lame/outdated are often what us girls dream about... :)

    I like! Spontaneous is good! :-) Just one question, do you mean you've been married for 'six years and counting' or that you've been engaged for six years? (I know this is nosey - but what the hell!)

    That's alright, I'm an open book. ;-) I meant six years of marriage, the engagement lasted about 3 years, if you like spontaneous you should know that it was just our second date that I proposed on. ;-)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    For any techies looking to propose to their techtastic other half, think of buying another keyboard, identical to the one you already own, then rearranging the keys in the centre to spell 'MARRY ME', she won't be expecting it when she comes to use the computer [: Just hope she isn't a touch typer like me >.<


    I feel ill now marraige etc scares the hell outta me, someday, no doubt I'll be on one knee but I think something a bit spectacular is in order, like as in something that means going to effort not something all big and shiny just something that bit extra, but that should be an everyday occurence aswell, something extra, there's nothing wrong with garage forecourt flowers when they're for no reason, this should apply to friends and family aswell...


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I proposed to my wife in her father's living room (without him present, lol). Though I had to make two goes of it, since the first time my tongue realized what I was doing and tried to jump ship. Still, she said yes, and after two and a half years of engagement we were married (she was 15 when I proposed). Marriage is a leap of faith, but it's one worth taking.


    i'm going to propose to my girlfriend in the Lasertag arena. its sentimental to us, as we go 3 or more times a month. my dad proposed to my mom in the supermarket. produce section.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Too early for me, I'm only 13, but a good help to many others in the world!!!