How to Protect Your Files Inside Your USB Drive?

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Hello everybody! do you have USB drive? and it contains important files that you want to protect? Well you're in the right place to do that. I will show you how to protect your important files inside your USB drive! Just watch the video that I've provided through my You Tube channel. Don't forget to subscribe for more Interesting computer based projects!

USB Folder Locker is created by Waren Gonzaga, this is based on batch scripting language and converted into executable file format to protect the code as well the password inside the batch file. The idea of locking folder is based on Folder Locker made by deepak-arora. This batch based application is lightweight and can run stand alone. It does not require .dll or .net frameworks to run so it means it is very portable. You can use this program inside your USB directory to hide the files that is very important to you.

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Step 1: The Things You Need!

1. USB Drive (any size)
2. Computer or Laptop
3. Yourself (includes patience and common sense)

Download Links:

USB Folder Locker Batch File Package: Download Now!
Advanced Bat to Exe Converter: Download Now!
Notepad++ Text Editor: Download Now!

To those who want to contribute to my project follow the link below;

Github Repository:

Step 2: Installation

Install the notepad++ and advanced bat to exe converter in your computer! If you have already notepad++ or advanced bat to exe converter you can now skip this step.

Step 3: Setup Your Password!

After you download the USB Folder Locker package from github you may now extract it and open the batch file (USB Folder Locker.bat) and let's modify the password inside. The password insde batch file is unprotected it means anyone can hack your batch file so that we will convert it into executable file format to protect it's contents later. For now let's setup your personal password by opening the batch file with notepad++. Why do we use notepad++? Simply, to easily edit and modify the codes inside of batch file. So now let's get started!

Open the batch file! (USB Folder Locker.bat) with notepad++ and got to line #421 and you should see this line of code "if NOT %biometric%== INSTRUCTABLES goto ERROR7" change the INSTRUCTABLES into your desired password. Take note that the default password of USB Folder Locker is INSTRUCTABLES it is all in uppercase and it is case sensitive. After that save the file and proceed to the next step!

Step 4: Building EXE

In this part we are going to build the executable file format (.exe) version of USB Folder Locker. Before that make sure that you have Advanced Bat to Exe Converter installed in your computer! Navigate to the directory where you place the USB Folder Locker Batch File. Then right click to it and choose open with Advanced Bat to Exe Converter. One pop up window will appear in your screen showing the codes inside the batch file. Navigate to the top left corner of the popup window and look for "Build Exe" and click it! Then next fill up the form and click the second tab called "Embed" and click the plus icon and choose the license.txt in the same directory of your Batch file. Lastly this is optional if you want to add another layer of protection just go to "Password" tab and input your desired password. That password is for opening your exe file! If you are done, just click the "Build EXE" button below and your .bat file will convert to .exe shortly. You may now test your freshly cooked personal USB Folder Locker!

Step 5: Test Run

Congratulations! you have created your own and personal USB Folder Locker! Now this is the right time to test it! First grab your USB drive and insert it to your computer! Copy the USB Folder Locker.exe file and paste inside your USB drive. To test it open the file by double click and it will open in a black window. It will ask you for the password. This is the password of .exe file you've created so what ever you put on the password tab in the advanced bat to exe converter that is the password you you need to input in the startup. Watch the video on how to use the USB Folder Locker! Everything is on the video! Enjoy!

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    First let me make a statement here this program is nothing but a spoof.
    There is no reason to initialize and that crap it does no initialization but just cosmetic display. It just makes the folder hidden and rename to "Neutronic Locker" and its quiet visible when from Tools>Hide hiddens files is turned "OFF".

    Please tell me why there are multiple useless timeouts. And what algorithm do you use for encrypting and decryption.

    There were so many cosmetic display which fools users hat something is happening at backend encrypting and initializing and decryption. It just pops messages one after another with delay nothing else. Even if we put GBs of data and even if we put no data the response time will be the same, WHY? because there is nothing inside !

    I didnt meant to be rude but fooling peoples does not fit in my ethics.

    1 reply

    Hi dude,

    I am not meant to fool people, I am just add a some decorations into my codes. I am just playing with that. That is in beta version a very first version I made I am actually newbie in programming batch files. I follow also the syntax based on their functions. To answer your question, I just add decoration to the output of the code. That's all. Sorry for using useless code you can collaborate if you want to improve this stuff. I am actually have some research to improve that to be hide in different OS like ubuntu, linux and etc. If you have some questions and clarification kindly reply to this comment thanks! Like I said I love feedbacks to you guys. Peace!