How to Pull Galvanized Steel Fence Posts

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I had a bitter-sweet failure this past weekend (I'll upload a video about it soon) and I need to get a few posts out of the ground. I thought it would be a great chance to show you guys a neat trick on how to pull galvanized steel y-posts. This method will work for just about any type of metal post, no matter how deep you've driven it into the ground.

Step 1: Pull Out Your Garden Hose

All you need is a good hose and some water. What you'll be doing is essentially the same thing that you do when you drill using water. You'll use the water to soften and push the ground away from the post, leaving a sloshy hole which is not good at holding the post.

A little bit of back and forth wiggling will loosen the ground if it still has any grip left on the post.

The secret is to take your time and let the water do its job. Be patient and it will work great every time!



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    Tip 10 months ago on Step 1

    As @petercd points out, you can get better results with high water pressure! The water pressure we have in the garden is
    strong enough that I don't need it, even in packed clay. But, if you
    don't have good water pressure, a hose attachment that ups the pressure
    into a thin, tight stream will make this go faster for you.


    Tip 10 months ago on Step 1

    It goes a lot quicker with a pressure washer, just press the nozzle against the sand to prevent a lot of back spray and it turns it into quicksand.