How to Purify Garden Sulfur

Introduction: How to Purify Garden Sulfur

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Hey everybody! So I am making black powder rockets and I need sulfur. I bought a bag of garden sulfur from the hardware store but it is only 49% which sucks. So I need to purify it. It's very simple and doesn't require a lot of equipment. It works by dissolving most of the impurities into water. And then because sulfur doesn't dissolve in water, it will be caught in the strainer and washed off. Check out my video for a better idea of how to get this almost pure sulfur.

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Step 1: Supplies


-Something that contains sulfur (duh)


-A hotplate or stove

-a pot

-a stirring device

-a strainer or filter

Step 2: Purifying

1. Boil the water

2. Put lots of fertilizer into the water until the potash (I think that's what is) stops dissolving.

3. Strain off all the impurities

4. Rinse sulfur

5. Dry sulfur

6. Grind into powder

7. All done and enjoy

Step 3: Conclusion

I think it is pretty pure but I'm no chemist. It burns with a nearly invisible blue flame.

Hoped this helped you in some way!

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