How to Install Rare Earth Magnets in the Feet of Action Figures

I thought it would be cool to have action figures in my animation and i tried to stand them up but they kept falling down so i drilled holes in their feet and put magnets in them now they can do things a hole lot easier.

What you will need to do this instructable:

1. tooth picks

2. 2 part epoxy

3. magnets

4. old action figures

Step 1: Drilling the Holes

The first thing you do is pick your drill size based on the diameter of your magnet. You can do this just by sticking the magnet on the bottom of the drill bit. Then, you start drilling your hole for your magnet in the foot of the action figure.

Step 2: Putting Epoxy in Holes

Now that you have your holes in your action figure's feet, put the epoxy in the holes. It is easy to do with the tooth pick.

Step 3: Optional Step

If you drilled in too deep all you need to do is get a nut big enough to put in the hole and put some epoxy on it. Then glue your magnet on top of it. It is easy to do with a pencil.

Step 4: Putting Magnets in Holes

Now that you have your hole coated with epoxy, put your magnet in the hole and let it totally set for about 10 minutes. You are now done and ready to have fun with your improved action figures.

Step 5: Stop Motion Test



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