How to Put Reason Box Into Wav.

follow this process if you want your beat on the internet or iPod.

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Step 1: Select Copy Pattern

Step 1) After you made your beat right click on the re drum and select copy pattern to track.

Step 2: Pattern Button

Step 2) Click off the pattern button on the re drum.

Step 3: E Cursor

Step 3) At the end of the song sequencer find your E cursor and
then drag it to the end of you file.

Step 4: Audio File

Step 4) Select file and click on export song as audio file.

Step 5: Name and Save

Step 5) Name the file and save it as a wav on the desktop.

Step 6: Sample Rate and Bit Depth

Step 6) When you see the export audio settings make sure your sample rate is 44,100 hz. and at the bit depth is 16 then press okay.

Step 7: Ready to Be Played

Step 7) Your file is now ready is to be played on an iPod or to be uploaded onto internet.

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