How to Quickly Mince Garlic - Food Basics

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This is a quick and easy way to minced garlic.

Step 1: Take a Clove of Garlic and Slice Into Thirds Lengths.

Then turn over and slice a number of times the opposite way.

Followed by cutting against the first two set of slices, at this point you’ve diced the garlic.

Step 2: Add a Pinch of Salt.

Using the side of the knife to crush the garlic.

Continue to chop the garlic finely.

The salt will help act as an abrasive to help break down the garlic but also help draw out the moisture.

Step 3: ​Once Again Crush the Garlic With the Side of the Knife.

Repeat two to three times until the garlic has become minced.

Step 4: There You Have It! a Quick and Simple Way to Minced Garlic.

By chopping and crushing the garlic with the salt, you’ll end up with perfectly minced garlic.

Which is perfect for using in garlic butter mixtures.



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