How to (Quickly) Stretch Your Shoes



Introduction: How to (Quickly) Stretch Your Shoes

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It's date night...

You have an interview...

You're running late to a special event...

Or you simply can't find shoes wide enough...

All of these are reasons to need your too-tight dress shoes stretched out in a hurry! (This works on men's and women's shoes.)

Give this 'ible a read and you'll be on your way :)

Step 1: Channel Your Inner Granny

Put on some thick socks.

Use as many layers of socks as you need to stretch your shoes out to the size you want them.

Yes, this will feel tight on your feet. But don't worry, you're not wearing them out (unless you want to--LOL). ;)

Step 2: Bring on the Heat

Using a hairdryer set on High, apply heat to the areas of the shoe that are too tight. This is usually around the toes, outer edges, or heels.

Do at least a good 30 seconds on each section.

WARNING: High heat too close to your skin can cause burns or other injuries. PLEASE use caution when applying heat, and keep the hairdryer away from your skin. It's easiest to accomplish this by wearing socks that are above the ankle, as they will block your skin from the high heat exposure.

Step 3: Hurry--Don't Miss It!

You're done! Now get outta here! :D

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