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When I saw this contest I knew what I needed to do. I needed to explain how my Mom managed to raise 2 daughters who are crafters!



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    Actually, I used to be a member as part of The Crafting for Charity Club Non-Profit group. We won an embroidery sewing machine for our organization which made over 1000 teddy bears that were donated to the children of deployed soldiers.

    Unfortunately, some of the board members of our organization became very ill and we had to disband. (Getting old is NOT for the faint of heart.)

    Anyhow, after we shut down our organization, I shut down that membership and have since rejoined on my own. Thanks for the tip but this isn't my first rodeo! :-)


    Sorry to hear that! Was the embroidery machine you won from Instructables? I remember awarding one to a crafting group for making awesome quilts. Was that you?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Well Done! My Mom raised my sisters and I this way. There wasn't anything she wouldn't let us try (unless it included matches). My Mom passed away three years ago, but reading your entry brought back some memories I haven't thought about for awhile. Thank you for sharing and bringing back some of my childhood memories of sitting around the kitchen table with Mom making something or watching my Mom make something.

    Thanks a bunch! My Mom's the best and I'm hoping to "retire" to my farm next year and share some of this wealth of crafting knowledge with others through Instructables and local classes.

    P.S. - My husband and I are "2 Stupid City Kids Trying to Run a Farm"! We just started our little hobby farm called Gnome Acres about 2 years ago and a lot of our skills have come from my parents passing on their do-it-yourself skills. We may not always do it right but we get it done!