How to Re-decorate Your Room

♥ Re-arrange something in your room. If you are bored with the way it is set, switch it to another place in your room that look nice.

♥ Buy a tackboard. You can doodle on a peice of paper and hang it up or, to give you inspiration everytime you wake up, look up your fav celebrity's quotes and hang them up.

♥ Buy something small to put in your room such as a lamp.

♥ Get rid of old, nasty furniture and save up to buy newer furniture. It is best if all the furniture matches.

♥ Clean your room at least every 2-3 days.

♥ Organize CDs, clothes, and such.

♥ Buy posters to hang up on your wall.

Basically, get rid of everything you don't want. Your room with look nice and neat(:



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4 Discussions


4 years ago

Where did u get ur beds?!?! Sooo awesome!

Hotel Fox

6 years ago on Introduction

Nice advise. The photo is from Hotel Fox, Copenhagen.

if your looking for a change paint the walls with couler and get a sleek easy to clean bed set with a lamp and get posters into picture frames it will look less messy that way