How to Read Rfid Rc522 Card With Arduino

Hello friends, I am Anto... in this tutorial, we are going to Learn how to use RC522 RFID module with arduino IDE.


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1)Arduino Uno 1 x 1

2) RC552 RFID 1 x 1

3)jumper wires

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Step 1: Gather the Required Components

You can use Arduino UNO, Nano, MEGA for using RC522 RFID. The only difference the pin connection since RC522 RFID works on SPI protocol. you can find the pin connection details on the sample code on the examples...

You can find both Key chain model RFID and tag model transmitter module with unique ID.

Step 2: Download and Add the Library of the RFID

You can download the library from the link below

download the zip file and add to the library as shown the picture. i also attached the library here. if you need my attachment, you can download it and rename to "rfid-master" and add it to the library

Step 3: Construct the Circuit As Per the Circuit Diagram

You can found the actual pins you must connect the RFID module to the arduino on the sample program itself. but i have given as the pics from the sample code. you can connect it such a way

Step 4: Open the Code From the Examples and Download to the Arduino Uno

open the examples from the arduino IDE and click dump info code. I have mentioned it with arrow, so that it can easy for you. click the code and download the code without any editing to the arduino uno. you can able to see the pin details on the example code.

Step 5: Open Serial Monitor on the Arduino IDE

You can open serial monitor on the arduino IDE with 9600 baudrate. now you can observe the text will print on the display.

Step 6: Result

Place the RFID transmitter keychain near the receiver. I just placed at the top of the receiver. that is not necessary. you just keep near is enough. now you will receive an unique id of the RFID tag. i have mentioned it with box at the picture.

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