How to Reappropriate Adventure Time Halloween Instructable Parts

Introduction: How to Reappropriate Adventure Time Halloween Instructable Parts

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Halloween is over and we no longer need our Lady Rainacorn. What do with it all now so I can have my wagon back...throw it away?? I put too much work into for that. So......what to do with it???? Reappropriate it!!

First I had to get it all off the wagon. The head,neck, and front legs are all one piece so just detach it and you have a fun part to save. Then take the sides off. I want to keep the character passengers cause they took a while to do. Just pull them apart from the sides. Now we have 2 parts worth saving. Here is what I did with them:

The characters, I found out, are perfect to use as extra height for the side railing of my kids' top bunk! Just slide them right in between the raiing and the bed and you can tape them in place if ya want.

And Lady Rainacorn's head makes a fun wall ornament! Simple push pins/thumb tacks hold her on just fine. I wish I would have saved the rainbow sides and fitted them to look as if they come out of and go back into the walls throughout the house so it looks like Lady is phasing through the walls like she does in the show. Maybe i can make it happen anyways if I get some time. But if you do, Please send pics to see how that looks! 

All the time wasnt wasted! woohoo!

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