How to Record IOS 11 Screen

The recent announcement of Apple brought the iOS 11 to life. This version offers upgraded and advanced features for iPhone and iPad users. It includes additional functions that are very useful to everyday life. Some of them are WiFi password sharing, one-hand keyboard, and QR code support. There's also an improvement on their Siri and camera applications. What makes this update more exciting is the hidden built-in screen recorder. This is a big step towards improving the Apple productivity because up to now people still find difficulty in searching for the perfect recorder on iPhone/iPad. With the help of this feature, users can easily create tutorial videos with their iOS devices.

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Step 1: Enable Screen Recording Function

The new screen recording function can be accessed through Control Center. However, if you still can’t find it, you need to enable it from your general settings.

  • Proceed to Settings > Control Center.
  • Click on More Controls and under this you will find Screen Recording.
  • Tap the +green icon beside it to add this function to the control panel.

Step 2: Record Your Screen

Once you’re done with Step 1, swipe up your Control panel and then tap on the screen recording icon. Your device will then start capturing your screen performance. If you want to make sure that your screen is being recorded, just check if the recording icon turns red. There will also be a blue banner indicating your recording time.

Step 3: Save Recording.

When you’re done, swipe up to access your control panel and then hit the recording icon. This will automatically save your file to your Camera Roll.

Step 4: Alternative Solution to Record IOS Screen

Another way to record your iOS screen is by using mirroring applications. One tool that you may utilize is ApowerMirror. This one is capable of casting your iPhone/iPad screen directly to your computer. It is also efficient in capturing video and audio with its screen recorder. In fact, it produces a 720p recording. The advantage of using this one is you can directly access your recorded file on your computer, unlike the built-in screen recorder in iOS 11. Hence, making it easier to edit or incorporate it onto your tutorial and other videos.

Step 5: Using ApowerMirror

In order to use this app, follow the steps below:

  1. Get ApowerMirror. Download ApowerMirror and install it on your computer.
  2. Connect your iPhone/iPad. Swipe up your Control panel and then click on AirPlay Mirroring. Once your computer has been detected by your iPhone/iPad, tap on that to display your screen.
  3. Record your screen. Tap the recording icon to start capturing your iOS screen. You can also press Ctrl+R.
  4. Save your recording. If you’re done, simply click on the recording icon to save it to your computer.

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Wonderful article and extremely helpful. This feature is definitely really important for many iOS users, especially Snapchat or Instagram users to record live videos. It’s one of the best additions on iOS 11. Currently, I'm using a desktop app call Acethinker iPhone screen recorder that mirrors my iPhone screen to the computer and use its screen recording function to make videos. It's not that direct, but it works.


    2 years ago

    i've been wanting to record my ipad screen 4 ages

    do you know if it records sound coming in and out of the device?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi! As far as I know, the iOS 11 built-in screen recorder does not record audio sounds but the second tool definitely capture sounds from your system.