How to Record Mobile Games With Voice Chat Audio *no Root

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Well today due to the huge success of mobile games like PUBG a lot of people want to stream it but there is one major problem though you can record your screen but android dose not allow you to record your voice chat.

Either you can record your voice but your teammates will not hear it or you can talk to your teammates but your voice will not be recorded.

I searched internet for solutions but did not find any solution and believe me i did not find anything. First time in my life internet disappointed me.So being a dedicated 9gager and gamer i have experimented with methods and made this list.

In this very short tutorial i am gonna tell you two ways to do this

  1. one requires Little bit of investment
  2. second one is free but you might have to do little bit of work.

I will not show how to use any of the apps as it will defeat the purpose of making short tutorial and all the apps shown here are free and work same way. NO NEED TO ROOT YOUR PHONE

Step 1: The Jugaad Method

Well i call it jugaad (frugal innovation) because with little work it will work with any will need a voice recording device like an extra phone or a pc something that can record your voice.

This is how it works record your screen with your favorite screen recorder app and side by side record your voice with another phone in its inbuilt voice recorder. when game is done just open a video editing software and merge the recorded video with audio. There will be no need to sync it either as none can see the lip movement i do it for my videos.

Here is the demo of this method.You will not be able to understand the language but just see the picture quality 1080p 60 fps with clear audio.

Step 2: For the Lazy Ones No Editing Reqired

Well its for those who dont like to do any work. This will drain your battery pretty quick though. So come closer...A little bit more.....A little more. ok ok ok.

so get your whole squad on conference call and turn off in game chat. If you guys are on call the screen recorder will record the voice and in game sounds also. thats it its very simple.

But you will not be able to do world chat and taunt other knockdown players. Have fun with this.

This video i recorded with conference call method.

Step 3: Mobizen App and Earphone

This is the simplest one you just have to buy mobizen gaming earphones. There is a dedicated app for it ,it will allow you to record your game with voice chat without root or any editing required.

Step 4: If You Like to Play With Speakers On

If your phone has dual speakers like mine and your are not afraid to play while your spears are on then use apowersoft screen recorder.

This is free screen recorder with NO WATERMARKS. I have used it personally video quality is also good. again no need to root your phone.



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    3 Discussions

    Alpha Droid

    Question 5 weeks ago

    Will i be able to record voice chat with this app "apowersoft screen recorder" while chatting with friends in game


    Question 4 months ago on Step 2

    Which recorder do you have used??
    I am not getting the right recorder for this step


    6 months ago

    Screw PUBG and Fartnut, get WAR ROBOTS!!! Very intuitive methods, but I don't think my cheapo Kindle can handle running all that at the same time.