How to Record PC Gameplay Using Bandicam


Introduction: How to Record PC Gameplay Using Bandicam

Hello! In this short guide I will show you how to record gameplay on your computer using Bandicam for free!

Step 1: Download the Software

> Head To
> Download The Free Version.

> (Note) Free Version Only Records for 10 Mins and The Videos Have A Watermark

Step 2: Setting Up the Software

>Run bdcamsetup.exe
>After Installation Open Bandicam.

>Go To Video Settings

>Set A Hotkey For Recording

>(Optional) Add a Microphone

Step 3: Record

>To Record Gameplay Press The Hotkey
>The FPS (frames per second) Counter Should Go From Green to Red.

>Press The Hotkey To Stop Recording

Step 4: Finding the Recorded Video

>Go To Documents
>Open The Bandicam Folder

>Select Videos/Pictures recorded.

Step 5: Editing

>Open A Video Editing Software

>Drag And Drop Your Video File In

>Edit To Your Liking


Step 6: Done!

Congratulations you have recording a gaming video using bandicam. Hope this guide helped.



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