How to Record Your Computer Screen

Download pack:

My website:

MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: I have a link to download everything you need
in a zip file YOU DON'T NEED WinRar windows should be able to extract it on its own

How to record your computer screen FREE & I mean Free this is legal & has a simple install its easy to use by rendersoft & again its FREE

Enjoy & hope to see you on YouTube soon




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    1 year ago

    Very informative! Thanks for showing clearly how to record computer screen. I like Acethinker Free Screen Recorder, which could record webcam video,desktop video and upload the video to youtube freely. It could record the video as long as you wish. Not like the other screen recorder, which just let you record one minute or with large watermark on the video.

    Do not know as I do not use the Mac OS/X. we only use linux, bsd and etc. There are several for them. A web search engine should be able to get you the answer.