How to Record the Best Video (and Also Take the Best Photos) With Thomas and Friends Toys on a IOS Device



This how to will show you how to make the best Thomas and friends video or photo with your Thomas the train toys on a iOS device!

Step 1: Find the Best IOS Photo or Video App

Go to the App Store on ur iOS device, and find a very good photo app that haz special effects, then while the app is installing, get ready to place your little Thomas (or other engine) engine! I used the app bestie on my iPad mini for shooting my Thomas engines, and beauty cam for videotaping my Thomas engines.

Step 2: Get Ready to Videotape or Take a Picture of Your Engine!

Open your new photo app, then go to camera or video.
For photo: If your photo app has auto blur, turn it on if your engine wants to be the ★ of your photo! If your photo app has some filters that your engine will be out of Sodor, use it and your engine will look very cool! Example pictures are the last two pictures shown. Use the retouching feature in your photo app (if it has one) to remove your engine's imperfections and paint chips!
For video: use a app that has video effects. If u use the app beauty cam, the video effects will look very cool on a engine!
If the video has Thomas and friends music, it will be very cool!



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