How to Recover Deleted Files From Android Phones/Tabs Without PC

How to recover lost or deleted files from any android phone or tablet without using PC.

If you are like most people these days, you probably possess one or more electronic devices powered by the Android operating system (OS) that you use on a daily basis for both personal and professional reasons. Your Android devices likely store a vast amount of important data you cannot live without, too: meeting minutes, photographs, bookmarks, songs, movies, applications, and more. If you have an Android-based smartphone and/or tablet computer that had underwent a factory reset, fell and broke into multiple pieces, or otherwise experienced sudden and unexplainable data loss, you are probably frantic and wondering how to immediately recover deleted data from your Android devices. The good news is you have several different options available to you to help restore all or part of your precious files. This guide explores two different ways to recover deleted files such as SMS messages, contacts, photos, videos, etc. from your Android devices.

so, without further due lets get the job done...

Step 1: Download DiskDigger From Playstore

in order to get back your files from your android you must use an app called Disk Digger. this app is free and available on play store.

when you search Disk Digger on play store. there you will have two different apps

one is Disk Digger (works on non rooted phones and recovers only pictures)

second one is Disk Digger Pro (works on rooted phones and recovers all files types)

now download and install it on your phone or tablet according to your need.

Step 2: Scan for Deleted Files

after you installed the app open it and select the location where you want to recover your files.

after that scan it.

Step 3: Save the Recovered Files

once the deleted files are found select a location to save them.

after that you're done.

okay my lovely friends thats it for today i hope you find it helpful.

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