How to Recover Lost Contacts From IPhone 5?




Last week when I was trying to upgrade my iPhone 5 to iOS 9.2.1, something wrong happened to iphone. I lost all my contacts on iphone 5! That’s a disaster! Because I saved many important contacts info on the iphone, including some business partners and friends. The worst thing is, I had no backup… I almost lost my mind, then I calm down and tried to find some solution. After searching for some time and making some comparision, I found an effective way and finally I got all my contacts back. So today I want to share this method and product with you, hoping it helps when you meet with same problem.

OK, let’s go to the steps.

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Step 1: Step1. Download IPhone Contacts Recovery Software Computer (Win/Mac)

I downloaded and installed iphone data recovery on my computer. It has Windows and Mac version.

Download for WinDownload for Mac

Step 2: Step2. Connect My IPhone 5 to Computer and Scan

I connected my iPhone 5 to computer via USB cable. Then the program started to detect my iphone. Then I clicked Start Scan button.

Seconds later, all the files in my iphone were scanned out.

Click Contacts on the left and I saw my lost contacts – the red ones.

Step 3: Step3. Recover Lost Contacts on IPhone

I checked all contacts and click Recover, it asked me to choose an output folder to save the contacts.

Click Recover, now all my contacts are back!

This iphone data recovery has another two recovery modes, you can have a try.

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    3 years ago

    These are the two possible procedures that you can follow:-

    1. You can either restore from a previous backup of your iPhone - To read more about this follow the Apple's website link below:-

    2. Else you can simply get a iPhone data recovery software which will extract and recover the data for you from the iPhone's backup. I'd recommend that you use Total Saver to keep things quick and simple.


    3 years ago

    OK, but how are the contacts then transferred from your PC desktop back to the phone?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    oh i missed one step. Before recovery, you can choose to save the contacts in .csv, .vcf, or .html. i havn't found a direct way to import them to iphone, but you can try gmail, or fonetrans, a file transfer app, but it's not free.