How to Recycle Lead to Make a Weight


Introduction: How to Recycle Lead to Make a Weight

From a filthy lead pipe I found in a skip. I melt it with the help of a blowtorch, always outdoors, since lead vapors are TOXIC. I pour it in a metal can and put a wire handle. I have made a weight. I paint it with two layers of enamel paint in order to avoid direct contact with the skin, since the lead is TOXIC.



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    Lead salts are the dangerous bit (there's no way for pure lead to get into your system, but lead salts can be absorbed, consumed, or inhaled), the 'dirt' on the outside of the lead pipe, and the 'dross' you pulled out of of the crucible are mostly lead salts, and should be disposed of as hazardous wast.
    Anyway, looks good (like the addition of enamel paint).

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    I thought most "lead" pipe was really galvanized iron.

    When I was a kid my friends and I made line sinkers for fishing by melting lead.