How to Recycle Old Light Bulbs





Introduction: How to Recycle Old Light Bulbs

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Learn how to make A cool Light bulbs Vase!



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    As we all know, english is not the only language in the world. Ginny's first language I believe, is spanish. Her videos are made without language so that regardless of what a person speaks, he/she will be able to follow along.
    She's a very talented individual. You might also enjoy the other videos she has made. Have a great day :0)

    I highly suggest not using a suction cup. when it falls (and it is a matter of when not if) there will be glass everywhere.

    oh my goodness! thats beautiful! and the light bulb thing is not bad either,!

    In my most humble of all possible opinions, I would note that slideshows are ALWAYS better, on Instructables, IMHO) No disrespect intended, as i like the vase. but how am i going to?... blow one, myself?