How to Recycle Old Shorts for Create a Bag




Hello! Today we will learn to build a bag ( that could be used for personal use but also give it to little sisters , children , etc .)

Step 1: Necessary

Old shorts
decorations ( glitter, design,etc...)
Glue for clothes
A stripes of an old T-shirt or of skirt,trousers....

Step 2: Glue in Action!

1. Glue all open sides except the top one ;
2. Fold the lower portion to the above but only for a few centimeters , to give the bag a regular form ;
3. Now fold in half and glue the bag right side and the lower side ( in fact result in an ' opening) ; 4. Now paste the handle ( the strip of fabric ) at the two ends of the bag ( look in the photo) ;
5. Now we can add the decorations ( studs , glitter , buttons ... ) !



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