How to Remove Acne and Zits With Photoshop

Introduction: How to Remove Acne and Zits With Photoshop

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Acne and skin imperfections can be easily removed under Adobe Photoshop. Tools such as the "spot healing brush" and the "healing brush tools" allow you to achieve this task.

This instructable gives you a step by step example on how to remove acne or skin imperfections.

Step 1: Analyze Your Picture

  • First things first, open up the picture you wish to work on.
  • Then analyze the different parts in your picture that need to be fixed.
  • In case they look like spots or dots, you will make use of the "spot healing brush tool".
  • Otherwise, you will need the "healing brush tool", which will use some reference from the picture and an algorithm to rebuild the new part.

Step 2: How to Use the "spot Healing Brush Tool"

  • Select the "spot healing brush tool" from the left menu.
  • Right click anywhere on your image to open the options for the tool.
  • Select a size which is slightly bigger than the spot you're removing.
  • Apply the tool by clicking on your left click once.

Step 3: How to Use the "brush Healing Tool"

  • Select the "brush healing tool" from the left menu.
  • Define a reference zone which is similar to the one you want to reconstruct or replace the imperfection with (this is done by holding the alt key of your keyboard and left-clicking on the desired area).
  • Right click anywhere on the image to open the option menu for the tool and select a size which is around 1/3 of your imperfection.
  • Hold your left-click on the imperfection and pass your mouse over it several times until the imperfection disappear.

Step 4: Save Your Picture

  • Once you've finished removing all the imperfections, check for any remaining part you've missed.
  • Then click on File ==> Save as, select the .jpg format, give your picture a new name and click save.
  • TIP : you can always use the blur tool and pass it over the corrected area to make it smoother and softer.

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    Dashing Rainbow Dash

    This is useful of you're doing your own senior photos. Instead of shelling out hundreds of bucks for a professional picture, just take your own and edit out the zits.