How to Remove Background in 5 Seconds | No Software | No Skills

Hi Everyone, I'm Daniel In this instructable I'm gonna show you How to Remove Background of your Images without any Software and Skills. Yes, you're right, Without any Software... So there is the website called using that website you can simply upload your image and remove its background.

As for now, the website is only removing images with the person as the foreground. In the future, they may be developing to remove things like trees, animals etc..


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Step 1: Open the Website

  • Open your Brower
  • Type in on the URL box

Step 2: Select Your Image to Remove Background

  • Click on Select a Photo
  • Then select your photo from your Computer

Step 3: Verify You're Human ;)

  • Verify you're Human
  • The website will be processing your Image

Step 4: Your Background Got Removed!!

  • Then your Background got Removed and you can download your Image now

Step 5: Conclusion

So that's it. You just removed Background of your Image without any Software and Skill. But the Only disadvantage is that it can only provide low-quality outputs..

That's it. Thanks for reading this Instructable.
If you still have doubts comment down or watch my tutorial video on YouTube . You can watch the Step by Step Tutorial over there. God Bless...



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