How to Remove Bumper to Install or Add Fog Lights

Introduction: How to Remove Bumper to Install or Add Fog Lights

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This installation guide is base on a 2010 Acura TSX to show you how to take off the front bumper and access and remove OEM fog lamp. You can base on this guide learn how to either replace or repair your existing halogen fog lights or to upgrade to the LED foglights.

Step 1:

Start by opening your hood, and located the cover that helps hold in your bumper. This cover can be possibly held in with taps or screws.

Step 2:

Next step would be to locating your wheel well, there will be 2 Philips head screws on each side that plays part in holding in the bumper. Remove those screws by using a screw driver twisting in the counter clockwise direction.

Step 3:

Now look under the car and find the part that connects the bumper to the car, this can be help on but screws, tabs, or clips.

Step 4:

Once all screws are taken off, remove the bumper and make sure not to pull to hard because the fogs lights harness will still be connected.

Step 5:

Now located the fogs light housing inside the bumper and unplug the harness.

Step 6:

After unplugging the harness, make sure to carefully put your bumper somewhere so it won't get any scratches on. You're going to want to remove Philips head screws with a screwdriver and remove the black bracket securing the fog lamp in.

Step 7:

After removing the black bracket and old foglight housing will be free to be taken out and thrown away or replaced.

Step 8:

Now put in your new upgraded LED Foglights or replacement foglight housing and plug the harness in. Be sure to turn on foglamps to confirm that the fogs are in working order before putting bumper back together.

Step 9:

Repeat the process backward to put everything back together and enjoy your new foglights!

Step 10:

This is the “Ultimate” way to installing fog lamps base on this 2010 Acura TSX, in most cases removing bumper wouldn’t be necessary, but this is a guide basically showing how to remove the bumper to get access to the fog lights. A simple and straight forward install to keep people with any experience levels at ease so that they can do it themselves. Enjoy your cars new look or be satisfied that you repaired your broken fog light.

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