How to Remove Cork From Wine Bottle With PE Ribbon

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If you find yourself at a dinner party with wine but without a corkscrew, you can use this quick hack to get the cork out of the bottle with nothing more than cable ties.

Step 1:

Start by taking the two cable ties and connecting them to one another. This will make an oval-like loop, which you will use to fish out the cork. Pinch one of the ends of the loop together and thread it into the neck of the bottle. Use the loop to move the cork into an upright position. I found it much easier to do this by tilting the bottle, but be careful not to spill the wine.

The idea is to loop the cable tie under the end of the cork. Once both sides of the cork are wedged between the cable ties and the neck of the bottle, friction will help you remove the cork. The friction between the cable ties and glass is much lower than that of the friction between the cork and cable ties, making it fairly easy to pull the cork back out of the bottle.



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