How to Remove Temp Files to Free Up Mac Space

I have one MacBook Pro, and recently found it runs in a little slow speed. So I updated it to the new Mac operating system, but the problem still exist. So I decided to use some tool to clean it and delete some temporary files on my Mac. And below is what I did to remove junks from my Mac.

After manually deleted some apps I don’t use. I googled a free clean tool for Mac named MacClean, and used it to remove duplicates, app leftover, malicious cookies and other files that slow my Mac.

Step 1: Remove Temp Junk Files on Mac

This tool enables you to remove System Junk, Internet Junk, Malicious Cookies, and scan virus. You can also use it to easily find old and large files, duplicates, and remove iPhoto temp files and some other junks.

  1. Firstly, download and install this tool on your Mac.
  2. After running it, click into the item you want to use, and click scan to scan the junks on your MacBook.
  3. Preview the files by names by click Review Detail.
  4. Select any items you don’t want
  5. Go back and click “Clean” to get rid of the junk files.



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    3 years ago

    Your Mac won't need a file cleanup before long because you won't be able to use it with that cracked screen.