How to Remove Tow Cover Plate From Ford Explorer 2016

Man did I struggle with this.

I was really annoyed that none of the manuals or instructions on the internet were able to help me in this task that should be so tedious.

This is for the 2016-2017 model Explorers 2015 and before have a different locking system.

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Step 1: How I Did It

I finally decided to pull really hard on it, realizing that it could break it.

But all is ok. Nothing got broken.

You can watch the video I made on youtube for it, but to be brief:

  • Pull from underneath with some kind of rotating motion. There is a finger grip recess.
  • While being pulled up from the bottom, pull the top away from the bumper.

Step 2: Why Was It Difficult?

What made it really hard at first, was the presence of a TACK to hold the cover in place.

If I knew about that tack, I could have removed it before hand.

The TACK was located on the top-right hand side of the cover, when looking at the vehicle from behind.

Step 3:

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