How to Remove Windows 7 Password

So you need to remove Windows 7 password?

If you don’t want to type password each time you login your Windows 7, you can remove the password. If you forgot your Windows 7 login password and locked out of your system, you hope to remove the password so that you can regain access to your system. No matter how, it is an easy task to remove password in Windows 7.

Now, show two easy ways to remove Windows 7 password when you forgot it.

The first way is to use a previously created password reset disk to remove your Windows 7 password.

Step 1: When you type a wrong password to login, it will say "The user name or password is incorrect." Click on OK.

Step 2: Insert your created password reset disk.

Step 3: Click on Reset password link.

Step 4: Follow the Password Reset Wizard to reset your Windows 7 password to blank.

Then you can login your Windows 7 without password.

Actually, few people have the foresight to create a password reset disk. If you did not create any password rest disk for that user account, how can you remove your Windows 7 password? Now, show you a new way to remove Windows 7 password with a powerful tool – Windows 7 Password Geeker.

Step 1: Create a Password Reset Disk on Another Computer.

  1. Download and install Windows 7 Password Geeker on another computer.
  2. Insert a USB flash drive into the computer. And run this tool.
  3. Click on USB device button.
  4. Note the usb drive letter. And click on Begin burning button.
  5. Click on Yes to format the USB drive.
  6. When it says Burning successfully, it means you have created a password reset disk.

Step 2: Boot Your Locked Windows 7 Computer From the USB Flash Drive.

  1. Start or restart your locked Windows 7.
  2. Enter its BIOS setup utility.
  3. Set your Windows 7 to boot from the USB.

Learn more how to boot your computer from USB.

Step 3: Remove Windows 7 Password.

After your Windows 7 boots, it will appear Windows 7 Password Geeker screen.

  1. Select Windows 7 system.
  2. Select the user account whose password you need to remove.
  3. Click on Reset Password button. Then your Windows 7 password will be reset to blank.
  4. Click on Reboot button and take out the USB drive. Then your Windows 7 will start normally and you can login without password.

Learn more on how to remove password in Windows 7.



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have found another program Wizard Windows password recovery, this program is powerful to remove password if you have no password reset disk, I have used this and it just took me several seconds, the most important is that it can keep the data safe


    4 years ago

    you can also get admin access by booting into safe mode then deleting the password for the account u need to access


    4 years ago

    See if you can access the administrator account or use Windows 7 disk
    goto repair and select cmd

    type: net user
    note the user you want
    type: net user user_name *
    enter new password


    1 reply