How to Remove an Oversized Tick From a Dog




Introduction: How to Remove an Oversized Tick From a Dog

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My family forgot to apply our dog's tick medication. The dog kept rolling around on the ground, which he never really does. We checked him, but he is furry, so ticks are hard to find. Then I was petting my dog and came across a weird lump that turned out to be a tick.

This task is not for the squeamish. I was gagging the entire time. Thankfully, I have a well-behaved adult dog and a mom who is experienced at removing ticks. They were able to get the job done. And now, hopefully, you can too.

Step 1: Make a Tool

Since oversized ticks are so big, a normal tick removal tool or a pair of tweezers would not work. Our improvised tool was made out of a sheet of clear plastic, like the kinds used for packaging. Any similar material will work, like plastic gift cards.

Cut a strip out of the plastic and then cut a large V into it.

Step 2: Removal

Make sure to give your dog treats and hold it still. Soothe it, as this is pretty scary.

While someone else holds a bowl underneath your and, slide the tool underneath the tick. Make sure you are starting at the head and going back to the body. Try to get it as close to the skin as possible. Slide the tool forwards, pushing the tick off and into a bowl.

Step 3: Clean

There will most likely be some gunk left over where the tick was. Wipe it off with a wet washcloth. Then, using a cotton swab, sterilize the area with rubbing alcohol. Give your dog more treats. This is a horrible thing to go through.

Step 4: Put on Medicine

So that this never happens again, apply tick preventive medication to your dog. For this, you should follow the instructions depending on what you use.

Step 5: Identify Tick Type

You will want to find out what type of tick your dog has. Ours, thankfully, was a dog tick, which rarely carries Lyme Disease. Check with your vet for anything else you need to do.

Step 6: Reward Your Poor Doggo

Take your dog on a walk. After all the trouble they've had, it is well deserved.



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    7 weeks ago

    I used a lit cigarette directly on the tick ... without pain and the bug comes out fastsed a

    As you mentioned, prevention is best. We've been using the flea and tick chews from the vet and haven't found a live tick on the dog since. DO NOT kill the tick with oil, vaseline or any other home remedy. When they die they will regurgitate into the bite carrying whatever disease into your pet.

    No mate.. you are dangerous.. DELETE this post. The way you do it the teeth cracks inside the dog. You have to use a bit of oil or alcohol, crab it with a tweezer and roll it clockwise untill it falls out.. YOU ARE DANGEROUS TO YOUR DOG

    If you do that, the teeth of the tick remains in the dog. It is better to cover the tick completely with vaseline. Without oxigen it falls. It took more time.

    2 replies

    Hi, how long can a tick last without oxygen or before it lets go its grip. Thanks.

    If you do it wrong, the teeth do stay in. However, if you use Vaseline, it can take too long and then you get a tick born illness. Most experts recommend doing it this way.

    I'm sorry you had to go through that!

    Years ago our dog had one and a friend offered to remove it. Luckily, the dog went swimming and the tick released itself.

    My husband and I were SO relieved. Now we have multiple tools AND I got to learn, from your great Instructable, how to use the tools!

    Thank you!

    1 reply

    Hi, did you try the plastic gadget and does it work. Not that i don't believe in it. Thanks.

    That is quite a big one. I've never seen a dog on a tick before. I don't know if i would have the faith in the plastic though. There must be a gap on a shelf for a strong tick remover.

    I have an alternate idea for tick removal. Lately I have been applying Pyrethrin based pesticide directly to the tick with a slightly dampened cotton swab (aka q-tip). Tick dies & falls off.

    1 reply

    Interesting. The tick medicine I use has a similar effect, except it takes longer. Thank you for sharing the tip!

    I hate these ticks so much! Thanks for sharing this. I tried to remove one once with a pliers and all I managed to do was squish it and make things worse :P