How to Render Tinkercad Design



About: I am a novice cad designer and I own a modified cube 3, modified r1+, and a modified SD4. I design things in tinkercad and fusion 360. I also am into programming and most recently arduino. More projects comi...

I recently have been rendering my designs with Fusion 360. This is very easy. In this instructable I will render my wagon design.

Step 1: Download Fusion 360

  • Go to this Website
  • Hit download Free Trial
  • I believe its free if your not making more then 100,000 dollars off of it or something like that

Step 2: Design Tips

  • Add theme to design in tinkercad
  • Just don't cover it because it will mess with rendering
  • Use high quality shapes when possible
  • Add lots of detail
  • Do not add cube around design to add background color it messes up rendering

Step 3: Download Design

  • Click export
  • Then download obj

Step 4: Insert in Fusion

  • Click Insert
  • Click Insert Mesh
  • Choose file

Step 5: Add Colors

  • Go to render
  • Click appearance
  • Drag and drop colors

Step 6: Change Background Color

Click lamp button and then click color next to color to change background color

Step 7: Render

  • Click render
  • Then select cloud or local
  • Then click render button
  • Wait for awhile
  • The rendering will appear in your project folder



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