How to Repair Headphone Wires


Introduction: How to Repair Headphone Wires


Welcome to my fourth installment to my Headphone Repair series. In this video I show how to fix the headphone wire itself. A lot of time a short can occur in the wire (instead of at the plug like I show in my other Headphone videos). Also, headphones wires can get cut or damaged very easily. This video shows you a simple way to make these types of repair.



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    I have a pair of iphone earphones and the wires got cut at the speaker how do i fix it

    How can I fix this?


    how do you find the bad spot in the wires? i don't want to strip the entire cord for my ear buds to find the bad spot, so is there another way?

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    there will be a spot in the wire where you lose connection when it wiggles. while wearing them, just start at the end and progressively wiggle it millimeter by millimeter until the sound either connects or disconnects. Then you've found the spot.

    The bad spot is just the damaged part. If your ear buds aren't visibly damaged, then you honestly would be better off getting new ones because I doubt ear buds would be stable enough to be practical if you have to strip the entire wire.

    Hello i wpuld love ur answer as in a problem, I bought a TRS plug but my earphones tequire a TRRS plug what do i do and i dont want to use a sottering gun. My earphones are of samsung and i don't know which wire comes where its okay if the buttons or mic dont work i just dont want to buy a TRRS jack

    Okay, I have a pair of IWorld Headphones, and only one of the speakers work. The left side speaker doesn't produce anysound but the right speaker does. How do I fix?

    Hey man i have a problem that the headphones only work when i move the jack plug, is there a way to fix them? the are

    Panasonic RPHJE120K In-Ear Headphone

    ok i basically threw my headset to the ground and they stoped working but everythinngs intact and connected inside and out but it wont play any ideas or help

    Hi Richs,

    I Have JBL head phones with microphone. Wire at the end of microphone is badly damaged.Insulation was broken at the end of the microphone and i can clearly see blue and copper wire. Still headphone and microphone are working.If i remove microphone and do as u shown in the Video. Then headphone will work or not without mic.


    i always tried to connect broken wires together for my entire life and always wondered why it didn't work !!!

    i had to BURN theeeeeem .... FINALLY :D :D

    It can be repair a iball hip hop headphone right side wires is side is nt woking.


    Nice try but I am confused. You talk about the red wire, and the black wire but the video shows three wires. Did I miss something? Can you please be specific about each wire connection. What happend to the breen and blue? The rest is OK.

    Thank you


    I followed the same method that you have shown here but there is no audio output. But when I connect blue wire to the copper wires of red side, there is a little output. Why is that?

    my earphone's right side is not sounding. how to know which portion of the right side wire is bad portion to cut?

    If you are connecting the wires to each other, just connect them after sanding or burning off a portion of the enamel coating like I show in the video. Are you cutting out a bad portion of the wire, or replacing the plug? If you are replacing the plug, then I think you'll need a TRRS plug.

    Hello, I'm having a problem with a samsung earphone (I don't know the model name but I got it with the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the package.) It has 3 cables. Black, Green and Red. none of them are snapped of. But there are copper cables that coils around each of these cables and they are the ones that are snapped of. I don't know what to do. Please help. Tq