How to Repair Squeaky Ceiling Fan




Introduction: How to Repair Squeaky Ceiling Fan

This instructable guide will show how to overcome the squeaky noise make by a ceiling after some time.

The problem of squeaky noise that cant be solved after many re-greasing attempt.

A replacement of ball bearing are required normally after a decade of using the fan.

Not something to be performed over regular basis.

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Step 1: Removing the Cover

First, remove the fan blade.

Then, remove the plastic cover by unscrew the outer most three philips screw.

It will expose the rotor winding enclosed by an iron cage.

Next would be to remove the electrical component.

The rotor is then rest above the ground to remove the bolt connecting the rod with the rotor.

Remaining capacitor and terminal block could be removed easily.

Step 2: Removing the Back Plate

Once all component removed, the back plate could be remove easily.

A tap might be required by turning it up site down and giving it a gently push downward.

Step 3: Removing the Ball Bearing at the Back

Lubricate the bearing prior to removal.

Step 4: Removing the Front Ball Bearing

This procedure does not necessary required a bearing puller.

A chisel and a long flathead screw driver is used to knock it off the bearing.

Three socket is used to lever the rotor once the bearing flatten at the tip of the shaft.

A long chisel are required to provide a final push.

Step 5: Installing the New Bearing

The new bearing according to the serial number printed at the brim of the bearing is place onto the shaft.

A PVC tube with inner diameter slightly bigger than the shaft is used to slot in the bearing into position.

Rubber mallet is used to knock onto the PVC tube.

The another new bearing is also install by first knocking it back into the front until it is flatten.

The PVC tube is used to give it a final push. It is optional, Lock tight could be applied prior to the installation.

The iron cage housing is being grease using Silicone grease.

Be sure not to forget the washer !

Step 6: Old Fan Runs Like New

Reserve the procedure for assembly.

No more squeaky noise especially at night time !

Electrical shock hazard involved during the installation of the fan. A certified personnel are required to do the installation.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    You are correct to show when tapping new bearing home, only apply striking force to the inner ring, not the outer.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Yes. Thank you.

    The thickness of the PVC tube will be just sufficient to cover the inner ring of the bearing.