How to Repair Sub Woofer? Simple Procedure

Hi today in this video episode I am going to show you how to repair your subwoofer or amplifier. So let’s get started.

You can see the sound system is not working let's see what happened with it?

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Step 1: Watch the Video First

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Step 2: Check Power Supply First

The subwoofer comes with a 1.5 amp DC power adapter.most of the case power adapter does not work. And obviously lack of power can not start my amplifier write? Let’s check the voltage output from the power adapter

Step 3: Check the Voltage With Multimeter

The power supply can not provide any significant voltage. To run the amplifier properly I need at least 12 v

Step 4: Let's Make the Power Supply

Step 5: Circuit Diagram

Step 6: Parts List

1 amp Transformer

4007 diodes

2200 mfd caps for filtering the DC

7812, with heat sink for regulated 12 v output

Step 7: Open Sub Woofer Enclosure

Step 8: Setup the New Power Supply

Step 9: Close the Enclosure and Done

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