How to Repair a Butterfly Knife

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Intro: How to Repair a Butterfly Knife

Today I will be showing you how to quickly repair a butterfly knife handle for no cost. The butterfly knife hinge finally gave out after being dropped so many times. I hope you enjoy reading.

Step 1: Materials

1. Broken butterfly knife
2.needle nose pliers
3.scrap wire

Step 2: Hinge Preparation

Begin by bending the wire at a 90 degree angle, make sure to leave enough wire to fit through.

Step 3: Hinging

Now place the wire through the hole, tire the knife over and pull the wire tight. Know Ben the wire as tight as possible. Trim the excess and your done!

Step 4: Conclusion

The knife hinge may not be a forever fix but it has held up so far. I hope you enjoyed if you did please like subscribe and check out my other instructables. Good bye



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    2 Discussions

    cheap survivor2

    1 year ago

    Can you send a picture of the problem I don't really understand


    1 year ago

    Hey, the pin that keeps the blade straight popped out on mine. Could you show how to fix this?