How to Repair a Clarisonic (Aria)




Introduction: How to Repair a Clarisonic (Aria)

Okay so my "girl friends" Clarisonic stopped working which really put a damper on my after shave regiment so I figured I would put up this quick instructable on how to fix it, it is super easy any one can do it.

All you need is a soldering iron (they're cheap but invest in a good one it will pay for itself), sharp metal object, screwdriver, duck tape and glue. Oh and two rechargeable batteries.

Step 1: Cut It Open

All you need is a sharp metal object, I used a cheap carpet knife/ board cutter (or what ever it's called). Heat it up and cut along the groove on the side of the Clarisonic. If you've heated it enough it will cut through it like butter.

Step 2: Inspect the Damage

So there is considerable rust everywhere, now I didn't know if there was a connection on the board that had failed or if it was the battery but with all re-chargeable devices the battery is the main reason in most cases and after having measured them they seamed pretty dead. The little buzzer had actually stopped beeping long before the entire device died but I didn't really care enough about that to open it up and look at it, but since we're here we might as well change that one too.

Step 3: Change the Battery

I'm just gonna use some spare IKEA batteries I have, they're not the best but considerably better then the ones that came with the device. You want to connect them in series later so you need to put them side by side but in opposite direction. Tape them together with some duck tape to keep them stable. Connect them with some piece of conducting metal, I used some copper wire that's usually used for removing solder but it will work for this too. Just coil it up and solder it to the poles on the batteries and tape it up as well just to be sure it stays put. Then you want to secure the batteries back on the board, I used two fixing pads but you can use glue or something. As long as it stays in place, fixing pads are just faster.

If you accidentally broke the connectors that connected the previous batteries to the board, like I did, then you can replace them with something conducting like the wire from a bread bag clip.

Step 4: Changing the Buzzer

The buzzer you need is called an Active buzzer, I used a passive one so it a makes manly screeching sound, lets say that was on purpose. If you want it to beep like it used to then you're going to want an active one, they're really cheap on Ali if you have time to wait for it.

Step 5: Glue It Together

First of all check that it works, press the buttons put it on charge etc and make sure you fixed it. You will curse yourself if you glue it together and then realize you forgot to connect something properly.

Cut off the plastic on the side just to make it look a little nicer, then I used a rubbery glue but I think a silicone would probably be better to keep water out. To press the two parts together you can use big clamps but the rounded back side might make that difficult, so I would suggest just duck taping it together. Seeing as you are reading this you are alive and must have some survival skills and having duck tape with you at all times is basic survival I am assuming you have it.

Step 6: Leave It Over Night to Dry

Just wait for the glue to dry and then you have a renewed Clarisonic :) the environment and your wallet thanks you.

Step 7: Last Step, Enjoy Your New Free Screws

I don't know why this always happens but I'm always left with screws after opening something up. I'm pretty sure they're not part of the device they look far to new, its just something magical. I call it the screwfairy.

Step 8:

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Thanks for this post. It's ridiculous to me that there's no way to get inside this without "breaking" it.


    3 years ago

    I'm glad you could fix it! Hopefully you don't need those screws, lol :)