Install IJDMTOY BMW 4 Series LED Reverse Lights

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The BMW 4 series has taken the market by storm even though it was release in 2014. It's an amazing drivers car which is what BMW stands for. An easy modification people love to do on their 4 series is to change their OEM reverse lights to an LED and this iJDMTOY BMW 4 Series LED Reverse Lamps are perfect to do so and we’ll show you how to change them out in a few simple steps.

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Step 1:

First, open up the trunk and remove the top liner by removing all the plastic clips using a flat head screw driver.

Step 2:

Find this pin on either side of the trunk and push it out to release the light housing.

Step 3:

Take out the spherical halogen bulbs and directly replace it with our iJDMTOY BMW 4 Series LED Back Up Lights.

Step 4:

Test to make sure the lights are working properly, then carefully put everything back in place. You can see it only took a few steps to replace your reverse lights. This iJDMTOY BMW F32 F33 LED Backup Lamps is a great modification to your BMW 4 Series. Even though its a small modification, it truly does change your car.

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