How to Replace Unresponsive Yo Yo Bolt



In this indestructible I will show you how to replace the bolt of an unresponsive yo yo.

Step 1: Unscrewing the Yo Yo

  • before you can do anything you must unscrew the yo yo by turning the top part of the yo yo to the clockwise direction and holding the bottom part with your hand

Step 2: Taking Out the Bearing

  • the bearing should come out if you pull it if not then jiggle the bearing and pull it in opposite directions till it comes out

Step 3: Removing the Old Bolt

  • First start by taking a pair of small pliers and gripping the bolt tightly while turning the yo yo bottom clockwise and when you loosen it up enough then you can just use your hand to unscrew the bolt. If you have a yo yo tool than you can use that also to unscrew the bolt.

Step 4: Getting the New Bolt

  • You need to find out the exact size of the bolt. The way I would find the size is by looking up the yo yos name.

Step 5: Putting in the New Bolt

  • this is the same basic principle as taking it out except you don't need pliers you just need to make sure that you don't strip the bolt. Just balance the bolt on the yo yos pilot hole and turn the bolt clockwise until tight.

Step 6: Placing Bearing Back on

  • To put the bearing back on you need to place the bearing in the crevasse of the yo yo and push slightly on the bearing

Step 7: Puting the Top of the Yo Yo On

  • You need to balance the top of the yo yo on the bolt and screw the top clockwise until tight and holding the bottom. Now you have a new bolt in your yo yo



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