How to Replace a Home Window

Introduction: How to Replace a Home Window

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Installing a new window can brighten up your home and saves your capital every month in energy bills. Therefore, if you’re thinking about replacing your window and you don’t understand the first step to make, worry less. Here is a step by step guide on how to replace a window with the new one.

Step 1: Remove an Old Window

The first step to take is to remove the whole window casing such as jamb extension and trim from the original window. Pay attention not to break down the window glass while removing it. Most windows have many window sashes stuck with moving trucks on either side hence easier to remove a sash one at a time.

Step 2: Adjust the Window Frame

After removing the housing, ensure the headers are properly fixed, and also the window frame is the same as the dimension of the purchased window. For you to achieve this, you may need to detach some parts of the siding on the outside and add some boards on the window frame. These openings should be approximately a quarter to 3/8 larger than the outside dimension of the purchased window.

Step 3: Replace the Stop and Dry Fit the Window

The window stop is placed on the outer side of the window jamb, and it stops the window from moving or sliding while fixing it. It is okay if the old stop is in excellent condition, but in case it is damaged, you may require to buy and replace it.

Before covering it with silicone, ensure you dry fit the window to see if there are some fitment problems. If you find them, try to fix the issues, and dry fit the new window again.The window should fit comfortably into the window openings.

Step 4: Install the New Window

If there are some parts of the exterior siding that you need to remove, ensure you wrap back up to remove moisture and then apply the cover to the frame found on the outer part of the window. Begin to pack the window from the bottom and move on the upper side.

Start by installing the window from the external by forcing the window up until it is near the window frame. Using crowbar, fix the new window into position ensuring that it is correctly attached to the window top.

Adjust the new window using screws and adding shims to places that require adjustment. Once it's in the right position, use nails and screws to fix it properly.

Step 5: Wrap the Window

Once your new window is square, plump, and screwed into the best position, add an extra layer of the wrap back up around the fins. Ensure you overlap the window wrap and cover the whole sides of the window without folding it thus reducing moisture.

Step 6: Add Insulation to the Window

There may be openings around the old window frame, and this is the most excellent time to insulate such places. If they are large, cut massive insulation and put them in the gaps. For those that are far to reach, try to use expanding-foam insulation. When the foam dries, scrap it using a knife.

Step 7: Replace Casing and Trim

After the expanding-form sealant dries up, remove excess and fix a new external housing. Also, you can replace the outer trim if required. Finally, stain or paint the trim for an attractive look of your window.

The techniques mentioned above are the best for DIY homeowners who want to fix their new windows in their homes. Make sure you follow them while replacing your window and it will indeed produce the best results.

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    picture at step 5.. SOOOOO WRONG!!! please can you take it down!!?? Windows or plastic doors should be never mounted like that because you make holes in the insulation chambers with theese screws. It will lead to "thermal bridges" and also tightening them up will bend the frame. if not correctly underliing.

    Every time use manufacturer supplied metal brackets!

    it is basically metal strip which you just twist inside of outer groove on the profile. see the attaced pictures.
    Propper procedure of mounting plastic windows if far bit complex than this instructable.
    Also not every time is best using expansion foam. there are special tapes for that purpose and far more stuff. please do not mistake people with your bad but simple way how to do it.


    2 years ago

    i'm glad you could fix it. :) Do you have any photos of the finished project?