How to Rescue Apple Pro Keyboard From Liquid Damage

Introduction: How to Rescue Apple Pro Keyboard From Liquid Damage

After accidentally spilling wine on my keyboard the keys began to fail working. I found several sites claiming the Aluminum Apple Keyboard could be completely submerged in water but found no images to prove it. Without hesitation I decided to take the plunge.

Necessary items:
1 - large container or 5 gallon bucket
1 - Teaspoon of dish detergent
1 - Bottle of 70% Isopropyl alcohol
1 - Gallon of distilled water
1 - Brush
1 - Drying rack

1. Unplug the keyboard from your computer.
2. Remove all the keys (You might be able to avoid this step but I was curious and removed them) Be careful as they're easy to damage.
3. Apply a mixture of dish-washing liquid and distilled water to the damaged area.
4. Apply Isopropyl alcohol to the problem area (use a gentle brush) and brush the area to loosen up any sticky residue.
5. Wash the soap and alcohol away with warm distilled water. (Use distilled water because there are less minerals then tap water. The minerals found in tap water could have the potential to create additional short circuiting.)
6. Submerge keyboard in distilled water and again gently brush damaged area.
7. Submerge and soak the keyboard 2-3 additional times in distilled water. This will make sure any and all contaminates are removed. The final soak should include a mixture of alcohol, the alcohol aids in the evaporation process.
8. Carefully set the keyboard upside down and let dry for one week. Drying time may take even longer, sometimes 1-2 weeks (this is important, as using the keyboard too soon could short circuit the keyboard itself, and or the computer)

That’s it.

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