How to Reset Dell XPS Desktop/Laptop/Tablet Password Without Login

Dell XPS 13 is my working laptop. There stores nearly all of my working data and documents. I have to use them in my work. But now it was locked because I forgot Dell XPS 13 login password. I have tried to remember forgotten local account password by password hint, but it doesn’t work. Moreover, PIN code and picture password etc sign-in options have not been created. So I don’t know how to do now. Can I take password reset disk to reset Dell XPS forgotten password without login? But unfortunately I also cannot find it.

According to your description, what you can do only is to reset forgotten Dell XPS 13 login password as soon as possible, if you want to access the locked dell laptop. And you should find ways that can reset Windows 10 forgotten local account password without login Dell XPS 13.

Surely password reset disk can reset forgotten Dell XPS 13 forgotten local account password. If you have not created, you can burn one now with iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced on another computer. This password reset disk would not only reset your dell XPS 13 password, but also support all Windows system local and domain password reset and Windows 8 Microsoft account password reset. Therefore, it would be available for all dell desktop/laptop/tablet password reset without login.

Step 1: Burn Password Reset Disk With Windows Password Genius Advanced.

1. Get iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced full version on another accessible computer.

2. Install and run it. Then insert writable USB drive (or CD/DVD-ROM) you have into this computer.

3. Choose USB device option on Windows Password Genius Advanced, and then select inserted USB drive.

4. Click Begin burning and Yes button to agree to format the USB drive at first. Then password reset disk will be burned into the USB drive.

5. At last, you will get message Successfully burning when password reset disk creation completes.

Step 2: Boot Dell Computer From Password Reset Disk.

Plug password reset disk you created in last step and set locked dell laptop from it.

For dell computer installed with Windows 7 and previous Windows system, you just need to follow the introductions below to set locked dell computer boot from USB drive or CD/DVD-ROM.

For dell computer preinstalled with Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10, you will need to disable Secure Boot Control and change boot mode from UEFI to Legacy at first. Then you can set your dell computer with UEFI BIOS boot from USB drive or CD/DVD-ROM in Boot Menu.

1. After you insert password reset disk, such as USB recovery disk into locked dell computer, power on dell computer and press F12 (F2 or Del) to enter BIOS Setup Utility.

2. Choose BIOS Setup option and under BIOS Setup Utility, select Boot tab and disable Secure Boot Control option.

3. Navigate to Boot Mode option. Press Enter to switch boot mode from UEFI to Legacy. Press F10 to save changes.

4. Press F12 to open Boot Menu again when Dell computer restarts. Select USB flash drive shown in the boot list, and press Enter. Or move USB drive to the first place in Boot priority order and press Enter.

Then your dell computer will boot from password reset disk and Windows Password Genius Advanced runs on locked dell computer, which reloads Windows system information and user accounts.

Step 3: Reset Dell Desktop/laptop/tablet Password Without Login.

Select the user account you forgot password on Dell XPS 13, and click Reset Password button. Then click "Yes" button to make sure remove password. Your Dell XPS 13 login user password will be reset to blank.

Tap on Reboot button and exit password reset disk, to restart locked dell XPS 13 laptop and make password reset effective. And you can sign in Dell XPS 13 laptop now without login password.

The above way surely only supports local account password reset for dell computer installed with Windows 10. So if your dell XPS 13 Windows 10 sign-in account is Microsoft account, you would have to go to Microsoft account password reset page and follow wizard to do. Suppose your dell XPS 13 is installed with Windows 8/8.1, you also can get Windows Password Genius Advanced to reset Microsoft account password.



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