How to Reset Master Lock's Gun Trigger Combination Lock




Intro: How to Reset Master Lock's Gun Trigger Combination Lock

In this instructable I will be showing you a quick and easy way to find the combination for the Master Lock Gun Trigger Lock # 94DSPT, and reset it for proper use.

Product Info:

NOTE: This is only for people who have forgotten their combination, NOT for criminal exploitation!

Step 1: Find the Combination

First, set the combination to 0,0,0

Then, hold down the 'reset' button with a pen and start turning the first number clockwise. One number will stop you from turning, this will be your first combination (8 for me). Continue this until all three numbers were set and you will be able to push the trigger to open the lock.

Step 2: Reset the Combination to Your Choosing

One the lock has been opened and closed, you are able to reset the code.

Hold the reset button like before and change it to your liking. This will be your proper code that can be changed later.

Step 3: Final

Let me know if you have and questions or concerns, I will be sure to reply.

Thank you for visiting this instructable and I hope that it will be useful if you have forgotten the combination.



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    1 year ago

    This doesn't seem to work. With the 3 digits set to 0 and the reset button depressed, all numbers still rotate around... They don't stop specifically anywhere.