How to Respect Culture and Beliefs of Muslims

Intro: How to Respect Culture and Beliefs of Muslims

There is a great misunderstanding of the Muslim culture and beliefs related to their religion, especially from Americans and outsider’s side. There is a difference in the beliefs of different sects of Islam. There is a discrimination in resembling Muslims as inhumane in the public heavily. One should have respect for different religions, including that of Muslims. If there are concerns or questions related to a religion, one should discuss it with a relevant person, and arguing or judging should not be there. If you want to learn How to Read Quran, then I would recommend using a FREE application, named as Noorani Qaida. However, if you are a Muslim and want to have Surah Rahman For Tabarakat, then Surah Rahman App is highly recommended.

Step 1: Learn the Fundamental Principles of Islamic Faith

You need to learn the fundamental principles of Islamic faith, If you are reading the Quran incomplete or just a Surah, always keep in mind that you are in the process of obtaining the general understanding of the basic beliefs of Islam.

Step 2: Understand the Different Islamic Sects

The difference between the different Islamic sects should be understood. The beliefs of different sects are different. There are certain sects that have interpreted the Quran in a different way which is different from most of the Muslims. Hence, the blame should not be on all Muslims for the wrong belief of just a few.

Step 3: No Discrimination on the Basis of Clothing or Covering

The highest discrimination of Muslims is because of the clothing or covering. There are different cultures that ask different people to cover themselves differently, that tell them how to stand out publicly. One should not be judged based on their coverings.

Step 4: Seeing a Muslim Woman in Public

The eyes should be reverted when you see a Muslim woman in the public. It is not decent to check out a Muslim woman. All women should be treated equally irrespective of their religion.

Step 5: Islamic Dress Code

Some concessions should be given for the modesty – For Muslims, certain garments should not be removed and that is necessary to be having covered because of the dress code. For example the head covering, etc

Step 6: Being Alone With a Muslim Woman

Being along with a Muslim woman is not permitted. There must be other women in the room.

Step 7: Wearing Modest Clothes

Even Non Muslims should wear the clothes which are modest. Especially at the certain worship places. For women, the covering of the head is important, scarf may be used for this purpose.

Step 8: Respect for Muslim Holidays

: Muslim Holidays should be respected – Muslims should perform all 5 prayers. There should not be any interruption in the prayer. It is an important part of the culture, which will allow the users to think of obtaining the guidance of Allah and demand forgiveness from him every day.

Step 9:



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4 Discussions


3 years ago

I like the sentiment of your 'ible. As a woman I am particularly sensitive issues of gender equality so it is good to see it mentioned. Would you say that Muslim women are generally free to choose whether to cover up or not? Are they generally free to choose who they marry or even whether they marry at all?

It seems to me that women living in places like Syria and Afghanistan do not have the same choices available as Muslim women living in this country. Is there a movement within the more moderate sects of Islam to support equality for women?

1 reply

Reply 1 year ago

Hi there, I hope this reaches you well,

About your question:
Islam does not really dictate that much about marriage. The teachings are little and simple: A man is recommended to marry a woman for four things things:
- her wealth
- her family status,
- her beauty
- and her religion.

This is one of the original authentic sayings that originated from the prophet 1438 years ago, quite impressively :).
He after that, said that it's better to marry for the last reason. Which is obvious, because the rest won't matter if her religion is absent. This is because our religion teaches us everything that is best for us. So much so that it has even had an effect on other religions and people in the past. (People imitate which is better).

As for the problems we hear lately about strict marriage rulings, this comes mostly from the customs and cultures of the people. In Islam the parent is not permitted to deny the marriage of the son or daughter. And it is absolutely forbidden to choose a partner without the consent of the young man/woman.

Take for instance Saudi Arabia. They are very concerned about family and honor and have very strict living standards. I'm not saying it is all bad, but it does cause problems for a young man/woman when they want to marry.

People tend to break the rules of Islam a lot. If they did not, you would have been Muslim by now, (it's the best religion on earth, the original) :)

Minahil Wahaab

1 year ago

very interesting topic love the way of sharing JazakAllah